Atlantic Cod

Atlantic Cod is wild and caught in the waters around Russia and Norway. Its delicate, mild flavour and medium firm texture is very versatile and pairs well with most flavour profiles.


Toppits Atlantic Cod is certified by the MSC, and is an excellent source of protein, low in fat, free of saturated fatty acids and low in sodium. It is available year-round, though more abundant from January to April.


It is delicious baked, broiled, fried, steamed and sautéed and is an excellent option for centre of the plate.

Features & Benefits:

  • Tightly controlled portions

  • Medium, firm texture

  • Skinless and boneless (free of pin bones)

  • Delicate mild flavour, pairs well with most flavour profiles

  • Excellent source of protein, low in fat, free of saturated fatty acids, low in sodium

  • From an MSC certified sustainable fishery.


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