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Not your average Atlantic Salmon

Harvested in the pristine icy cold waters of Antarctic region

Toppits' Foodservice Atlantic Salmon is raised in the pristine icy cold waters of Tierra del Fuego in the Antarctic Region, the southern most tip of Chile close to Antarctica. It is free of pollution and contaminants, protected by the geography of the extreme-south year-round. This Atlantic salmon is produced on nature's terms, sourced without hormones or antibiotics.


100% antibiotic free

from egg to harvest

No added hormones

or steroids at any time.

Sourced from low and stable waters, this salmon has a unique, rich flavour with a succulent buttery profile. Its soft marbling and delicate textures, unique to the icy waters, allows the salmon to melt in your mouth, offering a superior eating experience. 

Premium Profile

Nestled inside Alberto De Agostini National Park

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