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Atlantic Smoked Salmon

Cured and cold smoked in an artisanal method, our smoked salmon provides a rich, buttery taste. Harvested in Norway, this high quality smoked salmon is versatile in plate applications, such as appetizers, pasta dishes, sandwiches, party platters and more.

The salmon is cold smoked and dry salted. The cold smoking strengthens the flavour and the dry curing enhances the bite and reduces the water content. This results in a firmer texture and delicate smoke flavour.

Features & Benefits:

  • Salmon are farmed specifically to reach the optimal level of marbling that is essential for smoking

  • • Salmon is dry salted (dry curing) • Dry curing enhances the bite and reduces the water content • The smoked process is done through cold smoking with

  • blue maple wood; this method strengthens the flavour and

  • offers a firmer texture • This results in a firmer product with a rich buttery taste,

  • perfect fat content and delicate smoke flavour • Conveniently pre-sliced for ease of use • Great for use in multiple recipe applications – pastas,

  • sandwiches, etc.

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