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EcoWise Shrimp

Toppits is now offering shrimp with an Ocean WiseTM Recomendation, ASCTM Certification, and is BAP approved. Shrimp being one of the most popular and well-loved seafood products across Canada, the new Toppits EcoWise Shrimp will be the perfect addition to your menu as a high-quality, consistent shrimp with a sweet, delicate flavour and a natural clean taste.

Toppits EcoWise Shrimp is farmed with responsible shrimp farming processes and complies with the 7 principles.

Features & Benefits:

  • Fat-Free • Free of Saturated Fatty Acids

  • Source of Protein

  • Firm, Sweet Shrimp

  • ASCTM Certified

  • Ocean WiseTM Recommended

  • BAP Approved

The ASC Standard covers the following 7 principles:

1. Legal compliance

2. Preservation of the natural environment and biodiversity

3. Preservation of water resources

4. Preservation of diversity of species and wild populations

5. Responsible use of animal feed and other resources

6. Animal health

7. Social responsibility

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