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Straight from the cold waters of the north Atlantic, Toppits Haddock fillets and loins are a mild tasting fish that offers a broad appeal.


Commonly used as the main ingredient in fish and chips, haddock can be baked, broiled, fried, poached, sautéed or smoked. Low in both fat and sodium, Toppits Haddock is deep-skinned and free of pin bones eliminating the need for skilled labour. With a large range of sizes, the application possibilities are endless.

Try our Haddock fillets and loins and make them your own

Features & Benefits:

  • Mild flavour that melts in your mouth offering a wider appeal to customers.

  • Deep-skinned and free of pin bones means a cleaner fish and no need for further skilled labour.

  • Low in fat and sodium, while being a source of iron as well.

  • Marine Stewardship Council® certified sustainable.

  • Sustainable choice as recommended by Ocean Wise

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