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Halibut Fletches

Cut from small halibut, Toppits Halibut Fletches have a natural shape and are a great alternative to a pre-portioned fillet, as they offer the flexibility to customize the final portion size to serve any entrée, meal, or recipe.


A long-time favourite, this whitefish’s high quality, thick white flakes, and mild buttery flavour make it a great option for fish n’ chips or centre of the plate menu options.

Low in fat and sodium, Toppits Halibut Fletches are an excellent addition to any menu!

Features & Benefits:

  • High quality flaky whitefish with a firm texture and nutty, buttery flavour, this profile makes this fish very versatile, lending itself to different recipes

  • Fletches offer the ability to customize portion sizes for any application

  • Low in fat, sodium and saturated fatty acids

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