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Norwegian Smoked Salmon

Farmed in the icy waters of Norway, the salmon literally swim into the facility, ensuring the freshest possible product. Our superior raw material, combined with a traditional cold-smoking technique, leads to an outstanding finished product. In the cold-smoking process, salmon is smoked with Alderwood, away from direct heat, allowing the natural smoke flavour to be infused into the salmon.

This method translates into an amazing flavour without affecting the texture of the product. Finally, the smoked product is sliced using traditional methods.

Features & Benefits:

  • Pre-sliced on boards, this product allows the customer to simply thaw and serve

  • Norwegian smoked salmon’s superior quality assures it holds up well during handling and does not fray; excellent workability

  • Our pieces contain no interleaving as they are taken from the firm structure in the primary part of the fillet. This translates into slices that separate easily

  • Cold-smoked with Alderwood providing a superior taste profile and a natural flavour

  • Certified Kosher

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