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Pasteurized Crab Claw Meat

Crab Shredded On Fish Dish.jpg

Tired of the same boring creations? Maybe it’s time you tried Toppits Pasteurized Crab Claw Meat. Fully cooked, simply open the package and add to any dish. Pasteurization extends shelf life and ensures food safety and quality. In addition, this product is low in fat and a source of calcium.

Next time you’re looking to make a typical dish more exciting, add this succulent, sweet tasting product. It’s excellent for use in crab cakes, stuffings, salads, and soups.

Features & Benefits:

  • Moist and succulent crab claw meat with a rich, sweet buttery flavour

  • Fully cooked and ready to serve, this product is pasteurized to extend shelf life and ensure food safety and quality

  • Low in fat, free of saturated fatty acids, and a source of calcium

Storage Instructions:

Keep product in refrigerated temperatures of 4°C or less.



Each tin contains shredded claw meat with one full layer of whole claw pieces on top.

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