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Green Shelled Mussels

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Whether it’s an appetizer or main course, Toppits Green Shelled Mussels won’t disappoint. Half-shelled, these delicious mussels can be cooked and presented without the use of skilled labour.

Ocean Wise™ Approved Sustainable, these mussels offer a clean and natural taste. Toppits Green Shelled Mussels are low in fat, high in calcium, and an excellent source of iron. Get creative with these delicious and easy to use mussels

Features & Benefits:

  • Ocean Wise™ Approved Sustainable

  • Grown on ropes, resulting in no sand or grit inside the mussels, thus creating a clean and natural eating experience

  • Low in fat, high in calcium, and an excellent source of iron

  • Half-shell allows for an aesthetically pleasing plate presentation and reduced labour

Thawing Instructions:

Recommended Method: Thaw the crab meat in package overnight under refrigeration (about 8 hours).

Quick Method: Thaw the crab meat in package under cold lightly running water until thawed (about 30-45 minutes).

Do not submerge the vacpac in a bath of water.


Note: A temporary odour may be detected after opening the vacpacs. Let dissipate. It should only last a few minutes. It is natural for vacuum packed meat of all kinds (beef, chicken, and seafood) to release a slight odour when first opened.

Storage Instructions:

Product must be maintained at -18°C or below at all times. Once thawed, keep product in refrigerated temperatures of 0 - 4°C.

Do not refreeze once thawed

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