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Tuna Steaks, Loins, Poke and Saku Blocks

One of the most known fish among consumers, Tuna has become commonplace on most menus. Toppits Tuna is available in loins, poke, saku blocks and steaks. Our patent process using wood smoke is filtered then purified, and the resulting clear vapour is injected into the fish, allowing it to retain its vibrant fresh colour. Skinless and boneless, all cut and trimmed expertly by hand. Individually vacuum packed ensuring maximum freshness.

Features & Benefits:

  • Available in loins, poke, saku blocks and steaks

  • Patent process ensures product maintains freshness, colour and texture after thawing without adding and smoke flavour

  • Individually vacuum packed steaks optimize freshness and ensure no wasted product

  • Vibrant colour and superior texture allows chefs to have fresh quality tuna at any time from the freezer, with true cost control by minimizing waste

  • Natural characteristics in purified smoke extends shelf life up to 5 days after thawed

  • Ocean Wise Sustainable


Tuna Loins Skinless IVP, 3-5 lb

Tuna Poke IVP, 1.5 cm

Tuna Saku Blocks IVP, 8 oz

Tuna Saku Blocks IVP, 12-16 oz

Tuna Steaks IVP, 6 oz

Tuna Steaks IVP, 8 oz

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