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Arrow Squid.jpg

Arrow Squid

Toppits Arrow Squid offers a delicious squid bite. White in colour, Arrow Squid makes for an amazing plate presentation when coupled with bright vegetables. With a mild, sweet flavour, this squid is ideal for new seafood customers.


Choose from tubes, tubes and tentacles, or just rings. All formats are fully cleaned and all tentacles are skinned. Whether baked, fried, grilled, or sautéed, Toppits Arrow Squid makes the perfect calamari.

Features & Benefits:

  • Firm white flesh

  • Mild flavour profile with a subtle sweetness makes it a great introduction for new seafood consumers

  • Shape of Arrow Squid tubes are wider compared to other species creating a distinct plate presentation, especially when grilled or sautéed

  • Tentacles are fully skinned, giving a unique white colour

Item and Pack Size:

Arrow Squid Tubes (Fully Cleaned) U/10 ct, 1/10 kg

Arrow Squid Tubes and Tentacles (Fully Cleaned) U/10 ct, 1/10 kg


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