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Seafood Sustainability

Seafood Sustainability 

Our significant presence in the seafood market means that seafood sustainability is one of our top priorities and we look to partner with suppliers who share our view and catch or farm seafood in a sustainable and responsible manner. 


We do not sell wild-caught seafood species identified as endangered in the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species and do not permit the purchase of seafood acquired through illegal, unreported or unregulated catches. We are working towards the goal of 100% traceability on all seafood products. 


We are committed to working proactively with our customers, suppliers, industry experts and rating agencies with the goal of increasing the percentage of third-party certified products sold.  

Human Rights and Employment Standards 

We uphold and respect the human rights of our employees, customers and members of our communities and we expect our suppliers and other partners to do the same. We will not conduct business with any supplier who engages in forced or child labour, subject workers to harassment, intimidation or discriminatory practices or otherwise fails to comply with employment law in their jurisdiction. 


For more information, read our Environmental, Social and Governance policy (PDF)

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