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Our Company 

Humble Beginnings 1899


Originating as a supplier of dry goods in South Africa in 1899, food has been our passion for more than a century. In 1976, Toppits was established in Canada as an importer and supplier of frozen foods to the Canadian foodservice, retail and manufacturing industries, specializing in fish and seafood.

From Catch to Customer

In 2016, a Canadian company Ocean Premier Inc. acquired Toppits. This step marked an evolution for Toppits. We moved closer to the source through vertical integration, and enhanced our ability to successfully execute our vision. Maintaining that vision into the future requires managing our sources responsibly and Toppits takes great pride in providing a wide variety of sustainable seafood options. Thanks for our dynamic Product Development, Quality Assurance (QA) and Procurement team, Toppits is an industry leader on quality and traceability of product “from catch to customer”. Products are fully traceable through all segments of our supply chain, giving the consumer confidence in knowing where their fish comes from. Toppits is committed to focusing on quality and innovation as we continue to grow and advance in our industry.

Our Mission:

Simplify seafood to inspire every chef.

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