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Black Tiger Shrimp.jpg

Black Tiger Shrimp

Desired for its mild, delicate flavour, bold red-orange colouring, and large sizing, Toppits Black Tiger Shrimp is ideal for creating eye-catching dishes, with a “wow” factor plate presentation.

Try using colossal black tiger shrimp for a different take on surf ‘n’ turf, or in a shrimp cocktail for a memorable appetizer! Toppits Black Tiger Shrimp has a crisp snap and fantastic shrimp bite, making for an excellent eating experience, and with a multitude of sizes and formats available, there is a Toppits Black Tiger Shrimp for any menu application.

All Toppits shrimp is packed 100% net weight, and processed to strict specifications resulting in a high quality, consistent, and excellent tasting product.

Features & Benefits:

  • Largest shrimp available on the market and softest meat when compared to other species creates an excellent eating experience with an outstanding shrimp bite.

  • Processed in HACCP approved plants to ensure high quality products.

  • Amazing orange-red colour adds to any plate presentation

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