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Pacific White Shrimp

One of the most popular and well-loved seafood products, shrimp is a staple item for any menu; with a firm texture, excellent shrimp bite, and creamy white flesh, Toppits Pacific White Shrimp is the perfect addition to any dish.


Toppits Pacific White Shrimp is processed in HACCP approved plants to ensures high quality products and is strict to specifications, resulting in a consistent, high-quality shrimp packed 100% net weight, with a sweet, delicate flavour and a natural clean taste.


Available in a wide range of sizes and formats, Toppits Pacific White Shrimp is a cost-effective alternative to other species of shrimp, and an excellent way to add value throughout the menu!

Features & Benefits:

  • Firm, sweet shrimp that is mild in flavour creating a natural, clean taste with an outstanding shrimp bite.

  • Processed in HACCP approved plants to ensure high quality products.

  • Cost effective alternative to Black Tiger Shrimp increases value on the menu

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