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Cooking with Seafood

Here is the best guide to cooking seafood, whether you’re baking, boiling, steaming, grilling, pan-fry or poaching.

The Best Ways to Cook Your Fish

Steamed or poached: Lean, mild-flavoured fish with tender, white flesh such as cod are delicate cook well steamed or poached.

Grilled, baked or broiled: Medium-to-fatty fish with a firmer texture are great for grilling, baking or broiling. This works well with fish such as black cod and salmon.

Cook to an internal temperature of 70°C (158°F).

How do I tell if the fish is cooked?

The best way to tell if your fish is done is by testing it with a fork at the an angle, at the thickest point. Twist it gently. The fish will flake easily when it’s done and it will lose its translucent and raw appearance.

How to Enjoy Popular Portions of Fish

  • Cod: Broil, pan-fry, bake or poach and enjoy with vegetables

  • Haddock: Broil, pan-fry, bake or poach and enjoy it on a sandwich with coleslaw

  • Halibut: Grill, broil, pan-sear or bake and enjoy with vegetables

  • Pollock: Broil or sauté and coat it with breadcrumbs and add a side of salad

  • Sole: Broil, sauté and bake and enjoy with stir-fry

  • Tilapia: Broil, pan-fry or sauté and enjoy with lemon and kalamata olive sauce

  • Snapper: Roast, fry or sauté and enjoy with spicy sauce

  • Salmon: Grill, broil, bake or poach and enjoy with a crust or black bean stew

  • Tuna: Grill, broil, pan-fry or bake and enjoy in a salad or grilled as a steak

The Best Way to Cook Shellfish

You can boil, poach, steam or microwave most shellfish. They can also be baked, broiled or grilled.

How do you know when it’s done?

  • Raw shrimp will turn pink and become firm

  • Live oysters, clams and mussels shells will open when they are done

  • Shucked oysters, clams and mussels will become plump and opaque. Their edges will start to curl.

  • Scallops will turn white and become firm

  • Crab and lobsters shells will turn bright red and the meat will become white.

Cook to an internal temperature of 74°C (165°F).

How to Enjoy Popular Shellfish

  • Clams: Steamed and enjoyed in risotto, on their own with a splash of lemon juice

  • Crab: Steamed, boiled and can be bought pre-cooked. Enjoy in a sandwich, crab cake or add to a cold pasta salad

  • Lobster: Boiled or pre-cooked and enjoy in a salad, add to a surf and turf meal or served with butter

  • Mussels: Steamed and enjoy in a soup or on their own with a splash of lemon juice

  • Oysters: Steam, roast or poach and enjoy grilled or baked with vegetables

  • Scallops: Pan-sear, broil or grill and enjoy with pasta in a light tomato sauce

  • Shrimp: Boil, sauté, grill or use pre-cooked and enjoy in tacos, over pasta and in a salad

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