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Shrimp Skewers

Pacific White Shrimp are sweet and succulent on their own, but with Toppits Shrimp Skewers, operators can easily add these delicious shrimp to any dish. Hand-threaded on square bamboo sticks, these 31/40 count shrimp come five to a skewer.

Simply thaw and grill or broil to quickly class up any plate without the use of skilled labour. These skewers are consistently sized and thus allow the operator to effectively manage food costs. With Toppits Shrimp Skewers, surf ‘n’ turf has never been easier.

Features & Benefits:

  • Firm, sweet shrimp that is mild in flavour creating a natural, clean taste with an outstanding shrimp bite

  • Hand-threaded on bamboo sticks, these 31/40 shrimp are on preportioned skewers

  • Consistent product results in accurate food costs and no labour required

  • Cost effective product adds value to any dish while improving plate presentation

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