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Smoked Atlantic Salmon

Feature & Benefits:​​

  • Conveniently pre-sliced for use

  • Dry cured

  • Great for use in multiple recipe applications such as pastas, and sandwiches.

Thawing Instructions:

Thaw product in refrigerator overnight. Do not refreeze.


400 g

Where to find Top Chef Smoked Atlantic Salmon


Blue Sky Supermarket

Centra Market

DiPietro Fresh Meat

First Choice Supermarket

Fusion Supermarket

Garden Basket Food Market

Grants Foodmart

Highland Farms

Lucky Moose Food Mart

Monastery Bakery

MVR Cash and Carry

Nation Fresh Foods

Ocean's Market

Pacific Fresh Food Market

Pupos Supermarket

Skyland Food Mart

Sunny Foodmart

Super King Supermarket

Yummy Market


Épicure Market Montreal

L'Intermarche Lagoria

Marche Frutta 

Marche Marciano et Fils

Milano Fruiterie

Supermarche PA

Subject to product availability.

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