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Cooked Shrimp Rings


Feature & Benefits:

  • Thaw and serve shrimp is a easy and delicious appetizer all

  • Wild Argentinian Shrimp, cooked in shell with tail-on

  • Cocktail sauce included


Shrimp Ingredients: Cooked shrimp, Salt.
Cocktail Sauce Ingredients: Water, Tomato paste, Sugar, Prepared horseradish (horseradish, salt, vinegar, highly refined soybean oil, artificial flavour), Vinegar, Salt, Tapioca Starch, Worcestershire sauce (vinegar [sugar, coconut, yeast], soy sauce, sugar, salt, spices), Xanthan gum.


Thawing Instructions:

Thaw product in refrigerator overnight. Do not refreeze.


Cooking Instructions:

Use once thawed.



Jumbo Shrimp Ring 26/30 Red Argentinian 454 g shrimp + Cocktail Sauce

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