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Seen on an increasing number of menus, Toppits Halibut is a great choice regardless of the application.

This popular white fish’s high quality, thick white flakes and mild buttery flavour cannot disappoint. Pre-portioned, Toppits eliminates the need for skilled labour to cut fletches, and in turn eliminates the product-loss an operator would experience by cutting a whole fletch.

Portions are also vacuum-packed, locking in all of the freshness. Low in both fat and sodium, Toppits Halibut is as healthy as it is delicious.

Features & Benefits:

  • High quality flaky whitefish with a firm texture and nutty, buttery flavour. This profile makes this fish very versatile, lending itself to different recipes.

  • Pre-portioned, eliminating the need for labour as well as wasted product. In addition, the portions are vacuum-packed locking in all of the freshness.

  • Low in fat, sodium and saturated fatty acids.

  • Excellent choice for healthy applications.

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