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Loligo Squid

With its white tube and purple tentacles, Toppits Loligo Squid is hard to miss. Featuring a sweet, subtle bite, this squid is not only low in fat and saturated fatty acids, but also a source of Vitamin C. Available in Tubes, Tubes & Tentacles, or Rings & Tentacles, Toppits has your squid needs covered.


Furthermore, our portion pouch packs (rings & tentacles) eliminate product waste and the need for skilled labour. If you’re thinking calamari, start thinking Toppits Loligo Squid.

Features & Benefits:

  • Tender white flesh and purple tentacles create a beautiful plate presentation

  • Mild flavour profile with a subtle sweetness makes it a great introduction for new seafood consumers

  • Convenient rings &tentacles pouch allow for 100% yield and portion control as well as eliminating the need for skilled labour

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