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Baja Style Fish Tacos

Servings: 25 (2 tacos/person)

Cooking Method: Fryer/Oven


50 pcs Toppits Taco Cut Cod or Pollock Portions

50 Corn tortillas

800 gr Plum tomatoes, diced

550 gr Red onion

140 ml Lime juice

250 gr Cilantro, chopped

480 gr Red radish, thinly sliced

450 gr Ranch dressing

7 Avocados, sliced

TT Salt & Pepper


1. Combine diced red onion, tomatoes and 80 gr of lime juice in a bowl. Season with salt and

pepper to taste and add 125 gr of chopped cilantro at the end. Set aside to marinate in the


2. Combine ranch dressing with the remaining lime juice and cilantro. Mix well and set aside for

later use.

3. Slice radishes on a mandolin, or as thin as possible and place in a bowl of cold water and set

aside for later use.

4. Slice avocado, yielding 50 slices. Set on a tray and cover with plastic wrap.

6. Cook Toppits Taco Cut Cod or Pollock Portions according to package instructions.

7. Warm corn tortillas in a steamer and place 2 pieces per plate.

8. To assemble tacos, place an avocado slice at the bottom, one piece of taco cut fried fish,

topped with 1 oz of pico de gallo. Garnish with 10 gr of ranch dressing and 2-3 slices of radishes.

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