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Crispy Golden Fish 'n' Chips Bites

We're giving the 'ol favourite a new spin! Try this classic dish with our signature crispy golden Haddock, Cod or Pollock bites that pair well with crunchy chips and flavourful sauces.

Servings: 25

Cooking Method: Fryer or Oven


  1. 75 Bites of your choice - Haddock, Cod, Pollock (3 bites/person)

  2. 10 lb of potatoes peeled or 6.5 lb of pre-cut French Fries

  3. Salt & pepper, to taste

  4. Sauce of choice (optional)


  1. Cook Crispy Pollock Bites according to the product’s cooking instructions. Cook to an internal temperature of 165˚F (74˚C). Set aside once cooked.

  2. Coat a baking sheet with olive oil to protect against the potatoes sticking.

  3. Clean your potatoes and slice them into 1/4" wide sticks. Season with oil and preferred spices.

  4. Place them in a single layer on the baking sheet.

  5. Bake at 450°F (232˚C) for 15 to 20 minutes. Use a spatula to flip the fries and move them into a single layer. Bake for an additional 5 to 10 minutes or until crispy.

  6. To prepare the dish, plate 3 fish bites and 4 oz of fries on the side, along with dipping sauce of your choice


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