Lobster Tails for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is always a great way to cook up something special for your loved one at home, or to get in the kitchen and cook together. In our roundup of seafood, we chose lobster tails as our go-to dish for Valentine's Day. Not only are lobster tails delicious, but they offer a beautiful plate presentation next to veggies or as a surf and turf dish.

You can find Toppits Foods Lobster Tails at Fortinos. These cold water lobster tails are a product of Canada, and offer a sweet, succulent flavour. They are Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certified sustainable. For more information on our lobster tails, click here.

Now, the big question is... How do you cook it?

We know it can be challenging to deliver top chef dishes at home. Don't sweat! We're here to simplify seafood for every chef. And here it is - the best guide to prepping and cooking lobster tails. Wholesome Yum offers a step-by-step guide to butterflying that beautiful tail and cooking it in 20 minutes! That means you'll have plenty of time to cuddle up and watch Netflix with your loved ones.

Check out the cooking steps and recipes here.

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