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National I Love Food Day - September 9

Do you have a sweet tooth? Are you a savoury eater? I bet you’re happy today is “National I Love Food Day”. Indulge in your favourite foods. We’re not judging. We’ve got our stretchy pants on ready to honour our favourite Toppit seafoods.

Chris (VP of Foodservice Sales and Marketing) favourite Toppits food:

King Crab Legs - they are ready-to-eat!

Brandon Gremont (VP Procurement) favourite Toppits food:

Orange Roughy - I love the versatility, it can be paired with so many different flavours in the form of a dry rub, wet rub or sauce.  My favourite method of cook is to sear it in a pan and finish it the oven. It is also amazing done with an egg wash and flour in a pan with olive oil. 

Amy (Product Development Manager) favourite Toppits food:

Chem-Free Coconut Shrimp - I can enjoy the clean flavour of the shrimp and the delicious coating loaded with crunchy crispy coconut flakes!!!

Organic Cooked Shrimp Ring - Black Tiger

Keifer (Director of Retail) favourite Toppits food is:

Cooked Organic Black Tiger Shrimp Ring – They are cooked in shell so you get that beautiful deep red colour, certified organic with an ingredient deck of only 2 items: shrimp and sea salt, and since they are chemical free, you can taste the natural flavour of the shrimp.

Nadia (Marketing Specialist) favourite Toppits food is:

Gluten Free Savoury Lemon Sole – I love adding a crispy baked fish to a garden salad and this one has a healthy, light breading.

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