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Smoked Salmon Grilled Cheese

Change up the typical grilled cheese sandwich by adding smoked salmon.

1-2 Servings


2 – 3 nice slices of smoked salmon

2 x 20-25 gram slices of Cheese for melting: Consider using Monterey Jack, Colby, Havarti, or any type of Gouda. You may also substitute a shredded white cheese

2 or 3 rings of sliced red onion

2 oz whipped cream cheese for garnish

Chopped parsley and chives for dipping

Sliced white bread (2 slices)

Butter for frying


Assemble the grilled cheese sandwich by:

  1. Placing one slice of bread on the bottom, topping it with one cheese slice

  2. Putting 2 slices of smoked salmon on top of the cheese

  3. Add a couple of slices of red onion, the other cheese slice and the second slice of bread to complete the sandwich

  4. Butter the two external layers with butter or margarine, and heat a non-stick frying pan on the stove


  1. Pan fry the sandwich on each side until golden brown, transfer to a cutting board and trim off the crusts

  2. Cut the sandwich in half diagonally, and butter one edge of each half with whipped cream cheese. Dip the buttered edge in the chopped parsley and chive mixture

Arrange the sandwich pieces on a plate and garnish to taste. Serve hot/warm!


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